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Technology is nothing new to the educational system. Since the 1980s, technology in the classroom and also at home to help students prepare themselves for lessons and tests have been used by teachers and test preparation facilities alike.

Even with technology being present in education for so long, in the last decade, technology has been changing education in an unprecedented way from online MCAT prep to creating a love for books in the hearts of young students.

Let’s examine two ways technology has changed education.

Programs Going from Cable to On-Demand Format

Many may recall the times when you could turn on public television and view educational programs throughout the day. This is an example of the type of technology that was available to educators and school systems throughout the 1970s and 1980s, even going into the late 1990s.

When computers came along, a new need was established of wanting to prepare students to be able to use this new technology that was obviously going to outpace any of its previous predecessors.

Fast forward to 2014. This was the year where technology and education seem to collide head-on with the beloved children’s reading program, Reading Rainbow, set a Kickstarter fundraising goal aimed at bringing its show from the 1980s into an on-demand format in 10,000 classroom by the mid 2000s. Parents and Educators who recalled the influence that Reading Rainbow had on them and their desire to read wanted to see technology used to have the same type of influence on their children and those that they teach.

Online Prep Courses

It’s no secret course preparation for students has had an imbalance for those who may not be able to pay for going to certain academies or having private tutors.

These gaps have created a significant problem in the ability for students to have equal footing when it comes to upward mobility and applying to colleges and universities. The good news is that, now that technology is changing education on a larger scale, these inequalities are better addressed because of online preparation that students can now use in their homes or at their schools directly.

Students can now prepare for everything from the SATs and also have the ability to use online MCAT prep to ensure that they are getting all of the information and preparation necessary in order to pass these intense exams.

For example, studying online for the MCAT, prospective students are able to benefit from interactive examples, community-based forums where they can discuss questions and answers with other prospective students in test takers, and also simulated versions of the exam.

What’s Next in Converging Education and Technology

The convergence of technology and education and how it will change the ability for students to create opportunities for themselves and find out more and more about the world will only continue to grow.

Using online MCAT prep helps prospective students who may not have the flexibility and they’re scheduled to go to a physical facility to prepare for this test, leveling the playing field for all students who study diligently.


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