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Comarch delivers BSS platform to Ngena


Comarch was selected by enterprise network alliance Ngena to provide a BSS platform, encompassing such key modules as network inventory, order management, product catalog, service fulfillment and assurance, CRM, self-service portals, and convergent billing.

The Ngena was announced by Deutsche Telekom, CenturyLink, Reliance jio and SK Telecom at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. Ngena’s aim is to provide network services for enterprise customers, ensuring a shared, stable and secure network with global availability and high quality of service. In the first half, Ngena plans to offer international network services for business customers.

The Comarch BSS platform will support key processes such as sales, customer and partner management, service assurance and network inventory management, in the multi-level hierarchy of partners, resellers and business customers.

The BSS platform delivered by Comarch demonstrates capabilities to manage hybrid networks and services within standardised processes, comprising the full life-cycle of enterprise customer products, from fulfillment, through assurance, to billing.

The platform is based on a catalog-driven approach, with the fulfillment, assurance and billing processes steered by rules defined in the common product / service catalogs and inventory, spanning the customer layer, products and services, and the resource layer.