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Community Post: 21 Times Skateboarders Made You Believe Physics Didn’t Exist


1. But First, The Jam

Pump up this classic Lupe Fiasco jam and let your fingers do the scrolling.

2. They Say Two Is Better Than One

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Insanely Difficult? Yes. Pretty Sweet? Most Definitely. Useful For Everyday Transportation? Probably Not.

3. Bullet-Time Skateboards

With that kind of time manipulation technology this dude could change the world. But he just uses it for awesome skate tricks

4. I Believe In Miracles

Physics probably shouldn’t even work like that. MIT should just hand out doctorates to pro skaters.

5. I Majored In Skate-ology

This comes from the Boston skate scene. Unfortunately, it appears to not be in the Harvard Yard.

6. Dirty Grinding

Tony Hawk Pro Skater this is not. Dude did just collect the “K” is S-K-A-T-E though.

7. Hard Flip Is Hard

Let’s get some ladies in on the action. Lacey Baker killing it.

8. He Just Flipped Out

Skaters do seem to love their artistic black and white shots.

9. Switching Lanes

Praise Yeezus. This is 3rd degree insane. Absolutely bonkers. See another one here

10. Sit Down!

He’s over actually riding the skateboard. That’s so old-school.

11. Putting Out Fires

If only the Fire Department was this cool.

12. Grand Handstanding

Can we talk about how skateboarding isn’t an Olympic sport yet?

13. 5th Symphony

What even is this? Magicians are real.

14. No Look

Tired of all these lazy skaters doing things forwards? This guy is apparently. So he does stuff backwards.

15. Balancing Act

Hand-eye coordination? It’s all about foot-board coordination.

16. Dreading It

I fully apologize for the pun.

17. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)

Don’t look too long. We don’t want anyone getting too dizzy.

18. Dance The Day Away

Skateboarding: Making Ballet Cool Since The 70’s

19. Over The Hump

Bart Simpson never got this good.

20. The Simple Life

Sometimes it’s all about going back to the basics. This makes it look easy.

21. Who Said Cartoons Weren’t Cool?

Spins on Spins on Flips on Flips

22. Coming At You Live

I’d pay $10.50 to watch this in a movie theater for 2 hours.


I’ll leave you with this video of Tony Hawk doing his first 900. Cause it’s still the best.

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