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15 Tweets Showing How Pissed Everyone Is At Weathermen Right Now



If you’ve been alive for the past few days, you probably know that Winter Storm Juno ripped through the Northeast last night and dumped feet upon feet of snow on millions of people who probably won’t be able to leave their houses for a week.

If you’re one of the people affected by the storm, you might have noticed that there’s a small problem with the previous sentence — namely, it’s 100 percent false.

Weathermen might have spent the last few days warning us of our impending doom and urging us to make our peace with all the gods, but it seems like they might have gotten a little too worked up for everyone’s own good (a sentiment that at least a few weathermen have agreed with).

I don’t want to imply that all weathermen are stupid or suggest they only forecasted a Snow Apocalypse to drum up ratings and page views — I’ll let the rest of the Internet do that for me.

Meteorologists might be an easy target, but that doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to fire a few shots their way (to be clear, I’m talking about verbal jabs, not bullets).

This is the real conspiracy.

“BEST BLIZZARD EVER DROPPING SOON.” [Insert air horn here.]

It’s the only reasonable punishment.

There’s still some hope left!

This might be less reasonable, but I can’t say I wouldn’t endorse it.

True heartbreak is waking up on a snow day and finding out there isn’t one.

You can only be lied to so many times.

I wonder how long they spent tunneling out of their house to take this picture.

“It’s like literally going to be the worst storm ever. Jk lol.”

Can’t argue with this logic (just kidding, you totally can).

Doppler has nothing on shadow technology.

It’s very similar to how The Fed decides which companies to bail out.

A fitting end.

All you have to do to make billions of dollars is the opposite of whatever they suggest.

Ignorance is bliss.

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